Line Striping Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh

Line Striping Green Bay, Line Striping Appleton, Line Striping Oshkosh

Line Striping Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh

Lines, Handicapped Spots, and Numbering

Get-It-Done does line striping in Green Bay, Appleton, and Oshkosh. We line stripe parking lots and every once in a while we line stripe driveways. If they have a square resembling a parking lot in their driveway, we will line stripe the outer edge. Or if they have friends come over regularly we will line stripe the driveway so they know where to park. But mostly we line stripe parking lots, not driveways. We do line striping, for handicapped spots we use stencils, and for commercial lots or big business buildings where people have their own parking spots, we number them 1 to 100 or 200.

Preparing the parking lot.

Line Striping Green Bay, Line Striping Appleton, Line Striping Oshkosh

Line Striping Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh

Depending on how dirty the parking lot is, we either clean and blow off or sweep first and then clean and blow off the parking lot. For cleaning a regular parking lot we have big industrial push blowers to clean and blow off all dust and debris. If the parking lot is real dirty and it has thick dirt or mud on it we bring out a sweeper. This sweeper is attached to the front of our Skid Steer. It sweeps the parking lot with steel bristles. But most of the time when someone hires us to have their parking lot re-striped it is not a construction site and it is not that dirty. If it is a business parking lot for example it is clean already and we just take our industrial blowers and blow the parking lot off. That is pretty fast. Line striping itself goes pretty fast as well. You can cover a lot of area in a short amount of time.


Line striping paint is pumped through an airless machine.

There are different types of line striping paint. But since we don’t do interstate or high way work, we don’t have to use a DOT approved paint. We do however like to get our line striping paint high quality from Sherwin Williams. We have an airless machine that we set with a 5 gallon bucket of line striper paint. It can be yellow, blue, or white. We set the bucket on the line striper, a tube goes in the bucket and sucks paint into the airless machine. The airless machine is the pump which applies the paint. We use commercial rate material. But the DOT approved paint is shinier. But on parking lots you don’t have to have that shiny, glittery, reflective paint that you need on roads.

We pave or seal, blow off water, and then we stripe.

As soon as the paving is done, we make sure there is no water on the parking lot. Because when we roll, water comes out of our steam roller. What we’ll do normally after paving and rolling the parking lot is to take our blowers and blow it off again. We make sure it is dry and that there is no dust left. Then we can stripe it. If we get done with the job early enough that day we can stripe it that day or come back the next day.

You do not need a seal coat to stripe. And you cannot seal coat on top of the striping. If we are going to do a fog seal we do that first and then the striping. For a year old or older parking lot which someone wants seal coated and striped, we seal coat first then the striping.

We line stripe over asphalt, tar and chip, and gravel.

You can do it on tar and chip and I have even done it over gravel. For people who need a temporary parking lot striped, I will stripe over gravel. We do line striping over new, repaired, and older parking lots.