Asphalt Repair Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh

Get-It-Done does asphalt repair in Green Bay, Appleton, and Oshkosh. Asphalt repair means to fill cracks and fix holes in base, asphalt, and seal coating. Parking lots with a lot of traffic may get potholes. Another thing that can go wrong with asphalt and that you want to take care of, are cracks. Over time asphalt gets cracks just like concrete. Concrete does not last forever either. If you get cracks on older parking lots or driveways you have to fill them up.

Asphalt Repair Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay; Fixing Potholes

Cold Patch

Asphalt Repair Green Bay

Asphalt Repair Green Bay

If they want something real quick to fix the pothole, we can use a cold patch. A cold patch is cold asphalt. It stays good for a long time. When we pick it up from the plant we can keep it on the back of our truck for a week and still be pliable. We use cold patches for smaller holes.

Overlay Hot Patch

Asphalt Repair Appleton

Asphalt Repair Appleton

If you have a big area with a lot of holes I recommend fixing the whole area with hot asphalt. For overlay patch work we first spray down a tack coat. The tack coat serves as a glue which makes the new asphalt stick to the old. Then we put hot asphalt over it.

Saw Cut and Removal

Asphalt Repair Oshkosh

Asphalt Repair Oshkosh

For saw cut and removal patchwork, we saw cut the area, remove the old asphalt, and put new asphalt in. Saw cut and removal is more expensive because we have to remove the old asphalt before we put in new. Overlay patchwork is cheaper because we can go over the top of what is already there.

Filling Cracks

Hot and Cold Crack Filler

The same thing with cracks. There is a cold rubberized crack filler and a hot rubber crack filler. On a parking lot or driveway with a bunch of cracks all over, we use hot rubber because it is faster and it is a better product. But if a driveway or parking lot only has one or two small cracks we will use the portable crack filler. It is an easy to use rubberized crack filler. As a cold material it takes longer to dry and set up than the hot stuff. For the hot rubber we use a hot kettle with a torch. The torch heats up the kettle and melts the rubber. Within a few minutes of filling a crack with hot rubber you can drive over it. It sets up very quick.

Base Repair

There are no other issues with parking lots or driveways, unless it is a base issue. In that case we tear everything out, dig down, and get rid of the clay. If clay comes up it makes the ground soft. We have to dig all the clay out. There is a concrete parking lot we paved a month ago. It was old concrete. We tore all concrete out. Then as we drove over the base we could watch it move. We started to dig down, dig and dig, and got two and a half feet down in just one area. We put in big rock and smaller rock over top. Then waited about four days before we went back to pave it. If we base the job we typically don’t have to go back to fix anything. We get rid of the soft spots.

Concrete Repair

We do all asphalt repair and seal coating repair. We even repair concrete with asphalt. If someone has a concrete parking lot which is getting holes in it, we will tack coat it. I don’t recommend paving over concrete because the cracks will come back through. But sometimes a company needs something fixed fast. They don’t have the time or way to have it re-concreted. Then we come and fix it temporarily, to last for 3,4,5,6 years.