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Most of our work comes from references. Through jobs we have done in the past. Neighbors or people talk and pass along our name and number. Another way we get work is by setting out fliers when we are working a particular area. A third way customers find us is through the Better Business Bureau. People either call the Better Business Bureau of they visit their website. On the BBB website potential customers will see a list of all the accredited asphalt paving companies. You can find us under asphalt paving company, paving company, or asphalt contractor.


Crew of Asphalt Paving Company Green Bay. Asphalt Paving Company Appleton. Asphalt Paving Company Oshkosh.

Crew of Asphalt Paving Company Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay,

How many people work for our asphalt paving company depends on whether we are doing a asphalt paving or seal coating job.  For a lot of the seal coating jobs it might just be me, my son, and sometimes one of my guys. On the paving crews, with me and my son,  the truck drivers, and the laborers, there may be as many as eight or nine people on the job. Not every guy works full time. Some are retired and help out when or wherever I need them.Whenever I have a bigger job, I will have them come in.


Asphalt Paver 522I own all my equipment. We don’t have to rent anything. On some of the bigger jobs we rent an excavator or whatever the job calls for. Ninety-five percent of the time we don’t have to hire or sub anything out. The only thing we sometimes sub out is on real big jobs when we hire trucks to haul material to us. But for doing the actual work we have all of our own equipment.

Asphalt Paving Equipment

Whether we are doing a one car driveway or a 100.000 square foot parking lot we use the same equipment.
We have our trucks to haul. Our trucks will dump the asphalt in our Gehl 1648 Plus asphalt paver. The asphalt paver drives and spreads the asphalt out. We have a 3-5 ton Whacker RD 12 steam roller which we use on driveways. And we use bigger steam rollers for parking lots. We have a Case SV 250 Skid Steer with different attachments for most of our grading.

Seal Coating Equipment

We have a state of the art seal unit from a company called Seal-Rite. They make all our seal coating equipment. The unit is a SR-550. It has a full sweep hydraulic agitated tank with a dual-diaphragm pump. That is what we use to apply our thick seal coat. We own a tightened airless Titan 850 line striper for all of our line striping.


Material of Asphalt Paving Company Green Bay. Asphalt Paving Company Appleton. Asphalt Paving Company Oshkosh.

Crew of Asphalt Paving Company Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay.

Where we buy our materials depends on the area. Because we work in several areas we have to buy material from various plants. We don’t make our own asphalt or seal coat. It is all pre-mixed. The only thing we mix, after we get our sealer, is the seal coat itself. A lot of the plants don’t mix in sand. For certain applications we mix in a silicon sand and a polymer product called Top Tuff in our sealer. It makes for a heavier commercial grade high-quality sealer.

Asphalt, Blacktop, or Hot Mix

Asphalt, blacktop, and hot mix are all the same exact thing.

Seal, Sealer, or Seal Coat

Seal, sealer, or seal coat is a liquid material that we put on top of the blacktop, which on most jobs is not included. There are different types of sealer.


Manufacturers of Asphalt Paving Company Green Bay. Asphalt Paving Company Appleton. Asphalt Paving Company Oshkosh.

Manufacturers of Asphalt Paving Company Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh.

We buy our materials from the best manufacturers and dealers  in the area we work in. But sometimes there is only one distributer in a certain area. Most of the time we buy our materials directly from the people who make it. We buy asphalt directly from whoever makes it, because it has to be made on site. Blacktop cannot be stored or held over.  It has to be made, loaded on our truck, and brought to a job site right away.

As far as sealer goes. Some of the people we buy from have their material brought in on semi tankers. The sealer is already made. They store it in a bulk tank. That is who we buy it from.