Asphalt Maintenance Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh

Get-It-Done performs asphalt maintenance in Green Bay, Appleton and Oshkosh.

Asphalt Maintenance Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay

We take care of our customers.

Driveway Asphalt Maintenance

Driveway Asphalt Maintenance. Get-It-Done.

It takes pressure off the customer not to have to remember to call or schedule asphalt maintenance. If they don’t call us, as soon as we are paving or seal coating in the area, we will stop in and check with them. And if they want it done, we can usually do it that same day. If they don’t want it done and ask us to stop back later, we will come back and check with them again next month or next season.

For example, I did a job last week. It was a really big driveway. We did the whole top piece, where their house is, seventeen years ago. Then just last week we finished out the driveway that led up to the road.

When we first got there, I was doing work in the area, not real far. I remembered the job we did 17 years ago, and I stopped in there. Nobody was around at first.  But they had a couple of cracks in their blacktop, which is normal for a seventeen year old driveway. Maintenance needs to be done. Even though no one was there or asked me to do it, I went ahead and filled the cracks. They were small cracks, I had crack filler on hand so I went ahead and did that.  We didn’t charge for that. We take care of our customers.

We stop in to check.

We don’t really have an asphalt maintenance plan.  If we are in the area, I remember the job, and it has been the right amount of time for it to need sealing, I will stop in there. We do a lot of work throughout the year and I can’t remember every single job, but we are good at stopping in to check with those people we have worked for. So for needed repair or maintenance the customer will either call me or we will stop in and remind them.

Asphalt Maintenance Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay; Driveway and Parking Lot 

We offer sealcoating and crack filling.

Crackfilling Asphalt Maintenance

Crack-filling Asphalt Maintenance. Get-It-Done.

As maintenance for driveways and parking lots we offer seal coating and crack filling.When we come in to seal coat we will also fill any cracks that need filling. We don’t have a maintenance plan or package because some driveways or parking lots may go three years before we have to go over it and some five years. We don’t charge for anything until we do it. You can’t pay up front for a certain amount of seal coats. But most of the time rather than calling to remind them of needed maintenance, we will stop in. Because so many times we are already working right down the street, in the same area. We go there, stop in, and if nobody is home, we leave one of our fliers to let them know we were there. 

This is also how we get jobs we haven’t blacktopped. If we are doing a job here, and the next door neighbor’s driveway that we didn’t pave needs seal coating we will stop in and say, we notice that your driveway needs to be sealed, we are right here, if you want it we can give you a free estimate. And so many times people have said: “We thought about it, we just never got around to call anyone, I would love something done, go ahead and do it”. 

Asphalt maintenance doubles the life of your blacktop.

Asphalt maintenance in the form of seal coating is needed for longevity of the asphalt. Cosmetically seal coating makes your property, house, business or whatever we seal coat look better. But it is intended primarily for the life of the asphalt. How well you take care of your asphalt, the area you are in, and your base play a big role in the life of your asphalt. But under perfect circumstances and conditions you can double the life of your blacktop by seal coating it. We recommend getting a new seal coat every three to five years.

Asphalt Maintenance Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay; Durable Asphalt 

Fog Sealing

There are two ways to make the asphalt durable; fog sealing and  seal coating. The fog seal gives the asphalt a good head start on durability. But it has to be applied right after paving the asphalt. If the blacktop has already been down for a year, fog seal isn’t going to do it any good. It is such a thin material and it goes on light.

Seal Coating

After 90 days to a year we use the real thick sealer. And for some applications we mix in the silica sand and a product called Top Tuff, a polymer which makes the sealer of a higher quality. When applied it makes the Blacktop even more durable.

Asphalt Maintenance Green Bay. Asphalt Maintenance Appleton. Asphalt Maintenance Oshkosh.

Asphalt Maintenance Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh. Get-It-Done.


Another important factor which determines durability of the asphalt is how the job is installed. We use good materials when laying the job. We use the proper asphalt and use it in a timely manner. Asphalt is hot and once it cools off it gets harder. The day it is made and loaded on our truck, it has to be used. Every once in a while we have to add a little bit of base. Over the years the base may have gotten thin or we might have to bring out a load to get it level as we are grading.