Driveway Paving Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh

What makes us different than other driveway paving companies:

We sealcoat blacktop laid in the past.

We don’t just sealcoat driveways as our main line of business. We do driveway paving as well. And since we do a lot of driveway paving, we sealcoat a lot of blacktop we have laid in the past. Therefore we want to make the blacktop last as long as we can. To do so, we have to use good material.

Driveway paving Green Bay. Driveway paving Appleton. Driveway paving Oshkosh.

Driveway paving Appleton, Oshkosh, and Green Bay.

We have a state of the art seal unit.

A lot of companies who just do seal coating, don’t have the equipment we have. In order to mix silica sand in the sealer you need a special unit with full sweep agitation. The full sweep agitation keeps the sand mixed in with the sealer as you spray it. A lot of companies I see, don’t have that. To use the high quality sealant that we use, and to put the additives in that we put in, you need to have the seal unit that we have. For residential and smaller commercial work, the seal unit that we have is state of the art.

We will stop in.

There is another advantage of doing both driveway paving and sealing. When we have blacktopped a driveway, people get busy and forget to call about a seal coat. And because we do a lot of work in the same area we may not be there every single week, but every other week, month, or in the worst case scenario we will be there again next summer. Usually whenever we get into an area we have already paved there in the past. People don’t have to call. I will stop in there myself. If I see that they haven’t coated it already themselves, I will say: “I am just down the street from here, if you want it done, I have the equipment right here with me”.  Many people respond by saying: “Yeah, we thought about it, but we forgot to call, it slipped our mind, go ahead and do it”.

We do all the following:

  • We make blacktop last as long as we can

  • We use good material

  • We have the right equipment

  • We use high quality sealant

  • You don’t have to call