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Three Names

Asphalt, Blacktop, Hot Mix are three names for the same thing. They respectively indicate material, appearance, and application.


  • Inexpensive

  • Less work

  • Faster

  • No downtime

  • Looks good

Asphalt is cheaper than concrete.

One of the biggest advantages asphalt holds over concrete is the cost. It is cheaper than concrete, it involves less labor, and it is a lot faster. A job that takes a concrete company three days to a week to do, we can usually do in one day. The fourth advantage is that there is no down time. You can drive on it right away. A lot of people in the residential work we do, have big driveways. Their driveway might be 500 or 1000 feet long. They don’t want to park out on the road and walk all the way down. With concrete you have to keep your car or truck off it for a bare minimum of three days to a week.

Blacktop is beautiful.

Asphalt, Blacktop, Hot Mix. Asphalt Green Bay. Asphalt Appleton. Asphalt Oshkosh.

Asphalt, Blacktop, Hot Mix

Besides the cost, labor, speed, and lack of down time, there is another reason to use blacktop; cosmetics. Last year I was doing a job for a car dealership. In one area of his lot he had old concrete which was in pretty bad shape and in another area he had blacktop which he wanted me to seal coat. He wanted me to make it real shiny and black again. He said the cars sell better off the blacktop lot then off the concrete. He said, where it is black it reflects off the cars and it looks nicer. It attracts people more then the cars on the concrete. Concrete has a white or greyish color. Many times when we get done paving a driveway or seal coating it. The homeowners realize it and we do too. It just looks so much better. It gives much more character than just a white or grey color. That nice shiny black makes it eye popping. Blacktop is beautiful.